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Why does my training appointment leave me feeling tired?

The training sessions leave you feeling relatively tired. You can compare the feeling to that you'd have after going to the gym and trying to do a more intense routine than normal. Remember, you're training your brain just as you'd train your body. Give yourself time to rest afterwards if you are able. The healing state of sleeping will be very beneficial post appointments. 

How many rounds of training should I expect to make me feel better?

A typical round of training will include 10 sessions. The number of rounds of training is dependant on your age and your condition.  Typically one full round of 10 will begin to make a difference but it's similar to any therapy in the sense that it's different for each person and more time may be deemed necessary or helpful. 

How is the brain trained?

A process called operant conditioning is used to reward the brain when it improves function.

When participating in a training session, is there anything specific I should think of to reward more or better? 

Training is mostly passive.  Your job is to sit still, quiet, and undisturbed while training. Each patient's brain develops it's own strategy to improve training.

What is a reward? 

When the computer recognizes the brain waves performing correctly it provides a positive feedback or reinforcement to the brain. This encourages the brain to perform this way again.

Some examples of rewards include picture and sound quality if watching a movie or keeping a green dot lit up on the screen.

Should I shave my hair to make neurofeedback more effective? 

No, although a shorter hair style or a shaved head may make cleanup easier for patients, it does not improve contact, which means it does not improve training. 

Do alcohol or drugs effect the quality of training?

Is training uncomfortable?

No, training is done in a relaxed and comfortable room observing the computer screen.  It is a completely passive and non invasive therapy. 

Yes, we recommend avoiding alcohol and drug use for at least 24 hours prior to training sessions and longer for your brain map.  You should read prep instructions on this site

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What Our Patient's Say

    “My first experience with neurofeedback was about 5 years ago. Dr. Aker recommended it to me as a way to improve high levels of anxiety and stress due to various life events and a prescribed medication. The series of relaxing, non-invasive sessions provided me with quite a bit of relief. Since then, a lot of advancements have been made with neurofeedback analysis and the way treatment is administered. Concurrently I experienced several things that challenged my improved, but still unstable situation. Recent neurofeedback sessions are helping immensely to accomplish a more permanent and positive change. I am incredibly grateful to have this available within a respected and trusted local practice. Everyone at Wellness Chiropractic is incredibly patient, accommodating, understanding, and kind. They all truly listen and take each patient’s care very seriously and with a lot of compassion.”
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