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How to prepare for your appointment

Preparing For A Brain Map

1. Schedule your QEEG Brain Map at a time when you are most likely to be alert. Most people do best in the morning rather than following school or work. 


2. Arrive to your QEEG Brain Map appointment 10 minutes early to settle from the drive, use the restroom, etc.

3. Do your best to get a good night’s sleep before your QEEG Brain Map. Please know that over the counter sleep aids and prescription sleeping medications can affect your EEG.

4. Avoid alcohol and marijuana consumption for 24 hours prior to appointment.

5. Avoid or decrease caffeine intake the day of Brain Mapping.


6. Do your best to eat a balanced meal or snack a little while (1-3 hours) before your QEEG Brain Map. Being overly hungry can impact alertness and focus and the ability to sit still. This is especially true of children and teenagers.


7. Consult with our clinic about any medications you are taking that may affect your brainwave patterns. Do not discontinue your medications without your doctor’s supervision. However, know that some medications affect your EEG activity.

8. If possible, wash and rinse your hair and avoid using styling gels, etc. on the day of your QEEG Brain Map. Gels and conditioners can make it more difficult for the EEG sensors to make good contact with your scalp. Do not use makeup on the forehead on the day of the exam. Please try to arrive with dry hair or leave time to use a dryer.

9. If you wear contact lenses, be prepared to remove them during your session (these can cause excess eye blinks / movements). Bring any contact lens solution and containers that you will need if you remove your contacts. Please remove earrings.  


10. Go to the bathroom immediately prior to your session. Once you are hooked up for your recording it is somewhat difficult to unhook you so that you can use the restroom.

11. Turn off your cell phone and any other electronic devices during your recording. It is best if you leave your phone and any other electronic devices turned off.

12. Be relaxed but alert. The QEEG Brain Map is a non-invasive process that takes about an hour. You will sit in a comfortable chair, wear a cap on your head (similar to a swim cap) with ear clips (similar to clip-on ear rings) attached gently to each ear lobe. Once you are set-up, we will record up to 20 minutes of your EEG activity. During half of the recording your eyes will be closed and during the other half of the recording your eyes will be open. Your main job during the recording is to sit still, keep your body and face relaxed, and be as awake and alert as possible. Your technician will assist you throughout this process.

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