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Lucent Neurology presents,

Neurofeedback Training 

What can Neurofeedback Training Improve Or Change?

Helps train your brain to function in a "normal" pattern, this can help with dysfunctional  sleep patterns and balance problems.

Helps children, adolescents, and adults with seizure disorders.

Helps to train a brain with any deficiencies all the way from birth-born illnesses to acquired brain injuries. 

Helps improve age related cognitive loss.

Helps with long Covid symptoms.

Helps to improve symptoms of stress disorders such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD. 

The journey towards health begins on the path of self love and dedication. The first step is to want to take a step towards making a difference for yourself. If you think neurofeedback could help you, call us to begin your journey.

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"I've dealt with the side- effects of many concussions for most of my life. As a result sleep has always been incredibly difficult. Since starting treatment with Caity and Dr.Aker, my sleep has improved dramatically. My anxiety and overall mental fog has also immensely improved as well. 

I would highly recommend this treatment for those who struggle with similar issues."

- M.N.

 "Matthew has done well with neurofeedback. We have seen better language and more self control. One of his biggest challenges has been OCD, it is almost overwhelming for him and affects his life in so many ways. With these treatments, we are seeing improvements, better self regulation, and control. His moods are better and his response time has improved. We have done many treatments with Matthew over the years, including AIT, and many other things, but this certainly is at the top of the list for helping him more than the other treatments. "

- C.W.

    “My first experience with neurofeedback was about 5 years ago. Dr. Aker recommended it to me as a way to improve high levels of anxiety and stress due to various life events and a prescribed medication. The series of relaxing, non-invasive sessions provided me with quite a bit of relief. Since then, a lot of advancements have been made with neurofeedback analysis and the way treatment is administered. Concurrently I experienced several things that challenged my improved, but still unstable situation. Recent neurofeedback sessions are helping immensely to accomplish a more permanent and positive change. I am incredibly grateful to have this available within a respected and trusted local practice. Everyone at Wellness Chiropractic is incredibly patient, accommodating, understanding, and kind. They all truly listen and take each patient’s care very seriously and with a lot of compassion.”


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